Why Us
  1. First Scar removal Laser in Amritsar
  2. First to introduce Chemical peels under medical supervision.
  3. First Botox camp under Medical supervision.
  4. First to be a member of International society of Dermatology.
  5. Her clients include a host of doctors, engineers, architects, air hostesses, Budding and established models from USA, Canada, Europe. S.E Asia, Australia,Arabian nationals etc.
  6. Having a keen interest in Cosmetology. She underwent further training in Cosmetology under World renowned Dr. Satish Savant in Mumbai. She also did Cosmetology training from NANAVATI Hospital, Mumbai.
  7. She pioneered the Cosmetology practice in the city of Amritsar as she has been pushing the limits of Cosmetology further for the last 14 years. This inspired her junior generation to take up this field and many of them joined this field in the last decade.
  8. Being the first lady Cosmetologist, she has always tried to learn and bring the latest techniques to the holy city.
  9. First Cosmetology Centre in Amritsar
  10. First non-surgical facelift in the City
  11. First Hair removal Laser by a Dermatologist.
  1. Assessment of Skin using electronic gadgets.
    At the outset a detailed history is taken. An assessment of skin is made using electronic gadget as each skin type is different.
  2. Transparent System
    After having an idea about your problem, we discuss the solutions available and also apprise you about the expected benefit and time
  3. World class sterilization Techniques and high class set up
    We ensure that the instruments and the gadgets are thoroughly sterilized after each procedure, so that each client gets the most infection free treatment possible. With the world class neat and clean set up, we ensure that your skin treatment is the most satisfying procedure you ever had.
  4. Documenting the change
    After consenting the patient is photographed and then we keep the record of the problem. An comparison after the end of treatment is kept to let the patient appreciate the change.
  5. Leading the change
    Being the pioneer in Cosmetology, we try to bring in the latest techniques in this City. The aim is to be the first to bring the cutting edge technology in Cosmetology and we have succeeded in doing that till date.
  6. World class high cost gadgets
    Quality always comes at a price. No compromise is ever made in procuring the gadgets as we are dealing with one of the most sensitive organ Skin.
  7. Well trained staff
    Having a stable team helps to deliver the same and even better quality year after year. Regular updation is done to incorporate the latest techniques.
  8. Scientific Techniques
    All technologies are scientifically proven with most having USFDA approval. This has helped to develop the patient confidence as overseas patients can go back and continue the same treatment in their respective countries.
  9. Most experienced Cosmetologist
    Being the most experienced Cosmetologist in the city Dr. Komal Jerath can confidently suggest the required treatment for different skin types. Experience does make a difference to the ultimate result.
  10. Pioneering the Look Young Forever Concept
    Going ahead of times, we have pioneered the Look Young Forever Concept. As a person ages he has to take some steps before time to prevent his skin from irrepairable damages.