Patients Reviews
  1. I came to Doctor Komal Jerath a week ago for treating my acne and I also had some reaction on my lips and they are nearly fixed upto 70% within a week with some kind of medicines and microdermabrasion treatment for acne. I am glad to see this doctor because the cost is very low according to the results and the staff is well trained and nice.Address :- Bhupinder Singh (+ 61430453151)
    Supervisor of Service Dely Deptt,
    10, Gayle Close, Suinshine West,
    Victoria 3020 (MELBOURNE)
  2. I am Neha Arora. I am a fasion designer. I had an acne problem on my face. I was visiting Dr. Komal Jerath and I got rid of the problem and my skin has become so clear, glowing and flawless. Now everybody asks me an opinion about their skin problems. But really Dr.Komal Jerath is like a ‘God’ to me. She has given me a glamorous look. All thanks to Dr. Komal Jerath. Now I never go to local saloons. I only believe in Dr. Komal Jerath. My hearty blessings to Dr. Komal Jerath.
    Address :- Neha Arora
  3. Dr. RadhikaI am Dr Radhika. I am running a hospital of my own. Because of the busy schedule , I hardly found time to take care of my health and skin. Then suddenly I realised that I have started giving a tired look and then I visited Dr Komal Jerath. I used to think that one cannot defy ageing but after following whatever tips and treatment my doctor suggested, I changed my mind. People started giving me lot of compliments. Beauty is one thing, which a woman wants to preserve throughout her life. So I found a one stop solution to all my skin related problems at her Centre. 

    Address :- Radhika