Hair Restoration
Q1) Why do men and women loose hair?
A) There are many causes of hair loss in men and women, most importantly it is anemia or low hemoglobin, thyroid or other hormonal problems, stress, dietary deficiencies. Hormonal problems are a big cause in men and women though different mechanisms cause it.
Let your dermatologist decide as to what is the cause in your case, treatment should aim at the cause for it to be effective.

Q2) Can hair loss be treated ?
A) YES , it definitely can be treated, not only that, we can also stop further hair loss but also can get new hair growth. Depending on the type and stage of hair loss.

Q3) Is surgery /implantation/grafting my only option?
A) There are always both surgical and non surgical options, in some cases only surgery may help but if treatment is started at the right time non surgical treatments will help. For a majority of patients non surgical options offer a very effective and convenient cost effective option.

Q4) How can we treat it?
A) The treatment plan should be designed by a dermatologist or doctor trained and experienced in managing hair fall. It should aim at treating the cause and may include some lotions, shampoos to apply. There are some lasers not just lights to treat hair loss along with mesotherapy in which the medicines for stimulating the hair growth like some growth hormones and minerals are infused/pushed directly into the skin. There are products combining upto 42 ingredients for stimulating the hair growth.

A)The current treatments for hair loss , both applications and oral treatments are extremely safe. There are hardly any documented side effects, not even long term. To the extent that some of the medicines for hair loss are sold OTC in many developed countries.
Even the side effects of surgery if any are temporary , unless some complications after surgery occur which if due care is taken there is very rare.
Sometimes hormonal treatment may need to be given , that if used by experienced physicians and proper advice is followed there is no problem. As the new hormonal medicines use very low doses, and are very similar to birth control pills. The safety of these medicines can be judged by the fact that millions of women around the world use them safely for contraception.


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