Dr. Komal Jerath
Dr Komal Laser Skin Centre was established in 1997 by Skin Specialist Dr Komal Jerath.All treatments are performed by qualified skin expert staff under the guidance of a dermatologist. This makes our Centre unique in North India. No compromise is made on quality or cost in order to provide services of excellence. A wide range of laser devices are required to provide a comprehensive service.We offer laser and IPL treatment of excess hair, freckles and pigmentation, broken capillaries, redness, mild sun damage, tattoos, leg veins, fine wrinkles and other blemishes. Facial rejuvenation and acne scarring can be treated with Fraxel laser resurfacing, Ultrapulse fractional CO2 laser resurfacing and Photodynamic Rejuvenation. Wrinkles and scars as well as loss of facial volume due to ageing or disease can be treated with filler injections.

Our team includes doctors, reception staff, and consultants. After your treatment we can also offer a selection of cosmetics and sunscreen products to optimize your results.
Frequent traveler abroad to attend all major international Cosmetology Conferences and workshops to update the knowledge and getting trained in the latest treatments worldwide. So you can be sure to get the best treatments at par with the most advanced countries as training, importing and updating the latest gadgets, machinery and lasers constantly assures you to get only the best treatments ever you can imagine and experience.