Welcome to Komal Skin & Cosmetology Clinic
Dr Komal Laser Skin Centre was established in 1997 by Skin Specialist Dr Komal Jerath.

All treatments are performed by qualified cosmetic physicians under the guidance of dermatologists. This makes our Clinic unique in North India. Our lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices are state-of-the-art technology of the highest medical standard. No compromise is made on quality or cost in order to provide devices of excellence. A wide range of laser devices are required to provide a comprehensive service.

As a result we can offer laser and IPL treatment of excess hair, freckles and pigmentation, broken capillaries, redness, mild sun damage, tattoos, leg veins, fine wrinkles and other blemishes.

Consultation charges are 500/-


Whether it’s diaper rash, chicken pox, measles, insect bites or hives, corn starch can provide relief. For measles and chicken pox, bathe in a tub of water to which a large handful of cornstarch has been added. For the other rashes rub the cornstarch on as a powder.

Patients Reviews
I came to Doctor Komal Jerath a week ago for treating my acne and I also had some reaction on my lips and they are nearly fixed upto 70% within a week with some kind of medicines and microdermabrasion treatment for acne.
- Bhupinder Singh
I am Neha Arora. I am a fasion designer. I had an acne problem on my face. I was visiting Dr. Komal Jerath and I got rid of the problem and my skin has become so clear, glowing and flawless. Now everybody asks me an opinion about their skin problems.
- Neha Arora
I am Dr. Radhika. I am running a hospital of my own. Because of the busy schedule , I hardly found time to take care of my health and skin. Then suddenly I realised that I have started giving a tired look and then I visited Dr Komal Jerath.
- Dr. Radhika

Dr. Komal Jerath
M.B.B.S.,(M.D) Skin & V.D
Clinic Address:
129, Puda Colony, Opposite Anand Avenue,
Green Avenue, Amritsar.
Tel : 0183-2507507, 0183-2500900